Friday, January 14, 2011

Thoughts on Acts 7

Some time ago, I watched a sermon by David Asscherick where he highlighted the four major elements from Stephen's sermon. Those elements are:

1. He delivered the sermon to the Sanhedrin, which was the highest religious body in the land.
2. The sermon was modeled as a covenant lawsuit (like what the old prophets would do); he gave them their last chance to accept Christ.
3. Looking up and seeing Christ in heaven confirms Stephen's message.
4. Paul's conversion has its roots in Stephen's stoning, and marks the gospel's transition from Israel only to include the gentiles.

Are there implications for the Adventist church as a type of Israel today? How must we be careful not to become the ones stoning a type of Stephen?

On a wider scale, the gospel has reached out to the gentiles (non-Israel rest of the world) for centuries, but it's fair to say that Stephen's indictment in Acts 7:51-53 can be applied to the world today. How are we, like Stephen, holding up scripture, God's law, His covenant to a captive audience of the world? They're thirsting for truth, and they'll listen until/if they don't quench the Spirit. I know part of my purpose is to write these truths in novel ways. Do you know yours?