Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Prayers of a Feather

A few years ago, just after getting married, I discovered a wonderful way to partner with God in praying for my husband. In a newsletter by author +Mary DeMuth, I read her anecdote of how she allows God to remind her to pray for her husband. Whenever she sees a red bird, she lifts up the head of her household. I decided that since red birds are far and few between in Jamaica, I would ask the Lord to send white birds my way. At the time, they were a rare enough sighting that I knew that whenever one crossed my path, it would be a sign from God for me to pray for my husband.

Almost immediately, I began to see white birds. Flocks of them. They would swoop down on the rooftop of the house across the way. They would soar past me while I hung out laundry. That was during my husband’s internship year at a large regional hospital, and if he ever needed prayer, it was then. I have continued praying even when I didn't know why I was praying because I knew that God knew that he needed to be lifted up at that time.

I really believe that for a man to truly fulfill his role in marriage as God intended him to, he needs a praying wife.  Also, without his wife, a man’s role in his marriage becomes non-existent. With all this in mind, wives, I want to encourage you to lift up your husbands to God in prayer; ask Him to give your husband the wisdom, courage, strength, inspiration, and discernment to fulfill his position of leadership in your home.

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