Monday, April 29, 2013

Want to Earn a FREE Book?

Here's an opportunity for you to earn a free copy or two of my books.  I'm currently taking orders for my books from those living in Jamaica.  Details in my last blog post.  If you order 10 books (can be any combination of my books), you will get one book of your choice FREE.  If you order 20 books, you'll get TWO books of your choice FREE.

How does it work?  Well, say, for example, there are several persons at your church or in your youth group or at the office who want to order Sex, Lies, & Holiness, for example.  You can offer to be the contact for orders in your church/group/office.  Collect all the orders and fill out the form by Tuesday, May 14, so you can receive your confirmation email with payment & pick-up instructions by Thursday morning.  Make your payment by Monday, May 20, and qualify for your free book(s)!  I won't give more than 2 free books to an individual--even if you order more than 20 books; everyone who wants to participate should have a chance =).

If you are a bookseller here in Jamaica or elsewhere in the world, and you'd like to carry my books, click on the "Email Me" link on the side.  Send me a message with your name, the name of your store/operation, an email address, and a phone number.  I will contact you with information about a discount code for re-sellers and how you can purchase books for your store from my publisher.

Let the ordering begin!